A person is an emotion, a prayer, a passion.

A man is faith.

The Armenian way is the way of unity.

We kindly invite you to walk the path of H20. Emotional Exposition with the KIVERA brand led by the strong Armenian spirit of existence.

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The momentum for overcoming difficult times has always been and will remain the faith in each of us that the promising path to the light reopens with forethought.

Arevik Simonyan the KIVERA, as one of the leading voices in fashion, has always stood out with her creative projects to present and promote Armenia and the Armenians to the world with her visionary mind and art.

The idea of ​​the Exposition is to present the sensual ideology path, inspired by the faith in the continuity of the past, present, and future.

It will be implemented in an interactive, light, and sound design fashion show. Throughout the show, the guests will have the opportunity to walk this beautiful path and feel it for themselves.

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